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[Apr. 25th, 2006|05:31 pm]
[mood |satisfiedw/e]
[music |i don't blame you- cat power]

so okay so i dont write in my lifejournal anymore but i was looking through my old ones and its so weird thinking about the things i havnt thought about in like a year. so here are sum of my old entries.

((((( hiya

sorry that i update once a year. so anyway not too much is new. maybe i updated b4 firday i dont really remember. so ill tell anyway. friday we went to andrews again. and it was fun we watched movies and such and played cards.. because i like to play cards. and ate pizza that we had to wipe off with toilet paper. um ew. then on saturday i slept at suzys and we went to see in good company which wasss sooo good. well actually it really wasnt good. but topher grace is sooo effing hot i want to die. then i talked to suzy about my life and so on but she fell alsleep. great friend. in the morn we met lauren for bonsai which was yummie. and then i went home to work on my millliioonn pounds of hw. then on wednesday i babysat.. played monapoly and ate my hand from hunger as usual. yesterday we had a breakthru between mikki and her mysterious lover which was exciting. me and matt suh wrote a play about it. anywayyy if u havent noticed i dont have a life of my own so i talk about how excited i am about other peoples lives.. i have a chemical imbalance. today was the math review.. and we all agree that ms gallagher is the cutist thing everrr but her hair looks like sumone shat on it. like it actually looks like a turd. i learned nothing and then we went for pizza. mikkis other lover was there and it was reallyl funny. and my 5 year old lover was there tooo hahah allison. then the obese one stole one of my garlic knots and most of my drink. mikki got mad and said she was gonna kill herself and the lady behind us was like excuse me dont say that..im a guidance cousiler. and then she started asking mikki if her dad beat her. it was special. i laughed. then in the doorway allison and suzy tried to kill me and then my mom came and we left allison alone in the cold. soo tomorrow supposidly its gonna be me lauren mikki amanda and kendy. and then the next 23457489 days is left for studying. im not kidding i LOVEEEE studying for midterms. its like magical. i get this like feeling of happiness. sumthing good always happens. I <3 midterms. okay im going to go die now byee.
o yea leave comments porfavor.))))))

oh yea this was back when i likeed writing in this. im so gay haha how i like studying for midterms so much. ha.

heres one more: sry i know that no ones gonna read this.

((((((yea so. so far this weekend has been really fun. on friday we had PLANNED to have a SMALL diner experience, but it didnt work out because lauren had a stomach virus and mikki didnt want to come. so it ended up being just me suzy and alliSON. i got soup it was damn good. then me and allison went to my house to redecorate my room. not the wallpaper cuz im fucking not allowed to do that, but i wanted to put new pics up of my friends and celebs and posters and stuff. HOWEVER i thought oh well allison is all creative she could help me and make it all nice. that was really stupid of me. she made it soooo allison style i really cant take it. she like put up pics of random people that ive never even seen before and like retarded sayings and stuff and people who were purposly cut out because they were ugly---and dont get me wrong its not that i dont like it, its just that i dont want it on my wall. so im gonna take it down at my nearest convenience..so later going against all that i stand for, i went to the end of mikkis dance class. then we went to mikkis and then went to bens house which was acually amazing and im moving in. and he has a movie theater and we watched jackass. johnny knoxville is soooo hot i really cant contain my self AHH. then me and ken slept at mikki's, and i was rudely awoken at like 9 in the morning. then i went home to clean (death) for when grandma comes today. then i wanted to meet up with everyone else . but no they had to be at a random beach that took my mom 9 hours to find. but we went and it was sooooo prettttyy ahhhhh. and kendy took some hideous pics of me and then we went on the playground and they kicked the ball into the water and when they were trying to get it out they just pushed it further in hahaha. they kendy and mikki went back to mikkis and i didnt really feel like coming so i went back to laurence's with everyone else ahahah laurence's dog ahaahha. then they ordered pizza and i wanted to stay but we had catherines b-day party at bonsai <33333 so i walked like 9 miles to kendys house bymyself and sprinted half the way because i was so fucking bored with no one to talk to. so then we met the shmillion people who were at bonsai for her b-day and it was damn good, and we got catherine this really pretty stuff. then we hung out on kendys porch, which i always like alot i dont know about anyone else. and they lost the ball again. and then thye found it and then we talked for like an hour about old school nickolodeon shows in kendys living room. so that was fun and now im here. and tonight im picking up my grandma from the airport and im soooo excited <333 i love my grandma sooo effing much. okay PEACE OUT

i remember this day. its so weird how things change. and this was when my grandma didnt dislike me.

i was gonna post the relay for life one but no ones reading this so whateverr. damn i used to write alot.

[User Picture]From: kendala4
2006-04-25 07:37 pm (UTC)
lol you're right. i really didn't read any of that
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